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Living in the Magic of Aloha - a First Hand Experience

Something happened several weeks ago, that gave me a wonderful opportunity to be in my own living experience of this ancient Hawaiian wisdom. I, like so many, others, lost my income with my business shutting down when covid and the lockdown happened over a year ago. Before covid, the women's spiritual coaching program I developed had been put on hold, while I was focusing on bringing the message of Aloha and an awareness of the Hawaiian culture through Hula to children in the school system.

In 2020, I officially became a SC Arts Commission Artist in Residence. I was added as an artist to their new website in March, when the grant money would be available to schools to start scheduling their school programs for this past school year. I had already been doing grant programs in the schools with kindergarten and 1st graders and was told that I would be very busy in the 2020-2021 school year with what I was offering being so different.

It was so much fun working with the kids, and they loved what I was sharing them. I trusted that this was what I was supposed to be doing for right now plus a few adult hula classes. Only then for covid and the lockdown to shut it all down, including my adult classes in my Halau (school) in my home.

Needless to say, it has been a journey - as I was suddenly having to regroup, with bringing the spiritual coaching program back to the forefront now totally as an online business that I had never fully done before and with a learning curve needed on how to do that. I had always taught and mentored clients more in person face to face. As always in supporting me in this; I was taken care of by my guides/angels, ancestors, with the federal and SC UI department creating the special self-employment UI program that I was able to be a part of and with grant money I received being a small, minority business. This gave me the financial cushion I needed, especially as I began studying with Kumu Mahealani last summer and to bring in and integrate all that I was learning from her with the ancient Hawaiian teachings together with what I had learned and experienced in the last 30+ years.

With Kumu's teachings of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala becoming its foundation, The Living Aloha System was finally where I wanted it to be and what I am sharing now with other women to help them to Quiet their Inner Critic, Free Their True Voice and Be in Joy, Harmony & Well Being.

I also have just had a "wonderful opportunity" to experience these teachings in more depth and first hand. The UI program ended the end of June. I was looking forward to finally being out of that system as I moved forward with the Living Aloha Program, only to receive a notice last week that it had been determined that I had not been eligible for the UI benefits from May of 2020 because of a question I had answered incorrectly in the original application, which I had been told had been resolved. I was told now that I had to send in a Letter of Appeal within 10 days or I would be in an overpayment and have to repay all the benefits for the last 14 months - a lot of money. That could have been a "wonderful opportunity" to go into panic. Instead, as I went through the process of calling the UI office, without much result in getting help and more details, and in writing the Letter of Appeal; I just kept seeing my desired experience of this being resolved easily and quickly. There were telling me it would take 2 to 4 months to be resolved with whatever they decided.

Three days later, my inner guidance told me to call the UI office one more time - and this time, an angel answered in the form of a claims adjustor, who just happened to be taking the calls that day. When I explained what was going on, he told me this issue should have been resolved back in May of 2020. It got lost in the craziness of the focus on covid, and I should not be penalized now for it. He reversed the overpayment on the spot - and I also had several weeks of back benefits in my checking account that they also had put on hold. Suddenly my desired experience was my reality with this all being resolved and completed "easily and quickly" and gracefully.

With the joy I continue to experience throughout my whole being from this experience, I feel so blessed and grateful to Kumu Mahealani and Na Kupuna (the ancestors) to have these teachings and ancient wisdom of living Aloha and Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala in my life. It is also in having this and other the living experiences of it, and in being able to share it with others.

If you would like to learn more about how to bring these teachings into your life, I would be happy to have a free chat to share more about it with you. You can schedule a time at Just click on the link at the top of the Home page.

Aloha Pomaika'i (Love & Blessings!) Kaleo

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