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Kaleo and a New Direction in 2022 - End-of-Life Consultations, Education and Final Expense Planning

Updated: Feb 17, 2022


I have been pretty much out of sight since last November, except for a few posts here and there on Facebook. With my birthday the beginning of December and the New Year not long after, it has always been the perfect time for inner reflection on where I am and where I choose to go with the beginning of another year. This time was no different - except being even more so and taking a little more time through the month of January.

During the last few months of 2021, I found myself in conversations at times with people that brought my attention back to something I had done in the past - acting in the role of what is now called an End-of-Life Doula, helping those in the process of 'actively dying'. I was certified in 2005 through the Music for Healing and Transition Program, playing live therapeutic music at the bedside. I shared my music through my voice and harp in hospices, nursing homes and the private sector. I also still perform an ancient "Crossing-Over" Ceremony for both humans and animals that was given to me in the late 80's from the Native American Shaman I apprenticed to for 14 years. Both the Music and the Ceremony bring peace and calm to the body, so the spirit can rise up and move on with ease and grace.

And I helped friends and my family members, including my fur babies. Several times I was gifted in being a witness to their spirit moving up and out of their body at the moment of their death. One of these experiences was with my Mom; with then continuing to sit with her for 6 hours after in the Native American tradition I followed. During that time, I watched her body continue to go through this transition of death. All the wrinkles, lines and signs of age and stress in her face begin to fall away, leaving her body finally looking like a young woman sleeping peacefully. I was in awe and humbleness with the beauty and sacredness of it, and with how this whole experience totally changed my life. I can still feel the peace and calmness every time I think of it, and I am so grateful to my Mom for giving me this gift.

I have also been able to communicate with those in the Spirit Realm and with my guides and "angels" for as long as I can remember. Something that I just took for granted. One example is with my Dad who left his body in 1995. Since then he always brings me things I have misplaced when I ask him. The most recent is my cat of 17 years, Alika. He left his body 2 years ago and I have never felt the need to grieve him, even with how much I loved him - and still do. It's because of how I still feel him so strongly in this house, running around and still communicating and taking care of me - now in his Spirit form. One friend, who is very sensitive, also had an interaction with him, thinking I still had a living cat in the house here with me.

The memory of these experiences have actually been coming up since July 2020 when I began studying the ancient Hawaiian original spiritual teachings with Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, whose Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) family linage goes back for generations and with Kumu La'akea Rumsey.

Unlike how death is viewed in our modern Western culture today with dread and avoidance, the ancient Hawaiian culture, like other indigenous cultures, have a very different view. They believe that we are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to come in and be involved in this human experience for the opportunity it gives us to grow and evolve even more into our Spirit Greatness. When we learn the lessons we came into human form to learn, we simply "change address", leaving this "body bag" to return back home to Spirit. As a human we can still experience grief, feeling the loss of their physical form with us; but there is no uncomfortableness or dread of death. They know that this is not an end, but a continuation with their loved one now just having a new address And since we are all Spirit, we can choose to still continue to be in relationship together, just communicating in a different way.

As I was in my inner reflection and "time out" at the end of 2021, I knew my focus in 2022 was in bringing these ancient Hawaiian teachings together with my personal experience as an End-of-Life Consultant, Educator and Doula. And there was one other piece that unexpectedly got added to it.

I am now also a State Licensed Life Insurance Agent, focusing on Final Expense Planning. I began seeing how many GoFundMe fundraising programs there are now, with family members asking for help with burial and funeral costs for their loved one, due to final expenses easily reaching up to $10,000. Research is showing that many people, and especially the millennials, have not put a plan in place to protect their family members from being at risk in having to deal with this financial stress and burden while they are also grieving. As we have learned even more in these last few years, life is uncertain. Accidents and death do happen, as a part of life; and having some kind of plan in place, no matter what age you are, is a necessity. I decided that this is another area where I can be of help. I became an independent agent, working with a number of carriers to have the flexibility for each person to find the perfect policy at a rate their budget can comfortably afford. They can feel at peace, knowing this is in place for their loved ones for whenever it will be needed.

So, I am now offering these Services through Pohala Awakenings:

  • End-of-Life Consultations for the whole family in helping them to plan for a Peaceful and Sacred Death for their loved one and to give support and counsel after

  • End-of-Life Education through these ancient spiritual teachings and my personal experiences, helping people to see there is another way of understanding and experiencing death - that it is not as an end but as a continuation in being part of the natural cycle of life

  • an End-of-Life Doula, in helping one to "change address" with a Peaceful and Sacred Death

  • Final Expense Planning, to help everyone have the Final Expense Policy and a premium rate that is perfect for their needs and budget, so they and their family can feel at peace knowing it is there.

Keep a look out for more to come. I will be offering free online zoom calls to talk about Final Expense Planning - to take the mystery out of it and to answer your questions. I can also help you with Mortgage Protection Insurance as well, with how complicated and confusing that is these days ---- and I will be sharing more about the End-of-Life Services through my stories, videos and in my blogs and in some online and in-person programs as well. You can find out more at:

I am also still offering Spiritual Mentoring for Women, Embracing Your Authentic Self and Be Your Greatness, along with Hawaiian Hula/Embodied Spirituality and Sacred and Healing Chant classes. You can find out more on my website:

Aloha Pomaikaʻi (Love & Blessings)!


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