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Awaken Your Divine Feminine & Step Into Your Greatness

Updated: Sep 22, 2022



- Kumu Mahealanai Kuamo'o Henry

I have been hearing from a lot of women, and younger women, about how concerned and confused they are with where we are in the world today, especially with the events of the last couple of months. It is bringing up a lot of anxiety and fear, with it seeming like we are going backwards from all the inroads we made in the last 50 years as women and with all the violence and racism being so rampant as well. We also hear in the spiritual communities that we ae going through a major transformation right now. As an Elder and Spiritual Teacher, working with the Indigenous Traditions in the area of women's empowerment for more than 30 yers, I believe it is the latter.

The Elders of the Native American Hopi tribe have spoken about how we as humans living on planet earth, have experienced different Time Eras for many thousands of years, with each lasting about 5,000 years each. They are a natural phenomena and have to do with our human evolution. Greg Braden, who works in the area of paradygme science and human potential speaks of the same thing.

This current Time Era we have been in created a very extreme patriarchal society, being very male-dominated, male-oriented and overly aggressive as we can see evidence of with the emphasis on competition, war and killing. It also created the supression of the feminine, as we see evidence of with how many of us, as women, have forgotten and become disconnected from what the true nature of our Divine/Sacred Feminine is. We have been living in a world of assumptions, presumptions and lack of respect for our visions and dreams from others. It has made us feel small, insignificant and in doubt of our true inner spirit and wisdom as the beautiful and empowered women we know ourselves to be. We have become what others want us to be, to be loved and accepted. We have gotten lost in the ‘rac-a-rac-a-rue” of our minds, losing touch with the Voice of our Heart and losing pleasure from seeing, hearing, feeling and imagining what we would like to see ourselves doing with our lives. And we have found ourselves in relationships over and over that are filled with feelings of separation, conflict and criticism instead of loving kindness, compassion, praise and acceptance.


The good news is that this current Time Era is now coming to its end, with the New Era beginning, bringing the Feminine into prominence - and it will be permanent. The Native American teachings have always said that it will be the Feminine Energy that will finally bring peace and harmony to our world - by softening this overly strong masculine energy that we have been in, to finally bring it back into blance. The confusion and conflict we are experiencing in this present moment is this old patriarchal energy struggling to survive, by trying to control us even more, as women, by attempting to take away what we had gained. It is because it is feeling the influence of the feminine aspect growing all around us and knows its time of power and control is at an end.

Women are also feeling this shift and the power of the Femnine coming alive again; and why many of us are looking for ways to reconnect and reclaim our Inner Spirit and Wisdom - our feelings, our insights, our ideas, our intuitive self, our hidden dreams - also called the Divine Feminine. It is time to shine our light and bring our unique gifts and creative expression out into the world to our community and our family as a leader, team player, parent, daughter and member of the community. It is time to stop living someone’s else’s life by letting others’ opinions drown out our own inner voice and have the courage to follow our own heart and intuition to know what we truly want to become. It is time to weave integrity, freedom, interdependence and sacredness back into our life as a means of empowering us to live our best life - as we welcome in this New Time Era. It is what the Hopi call "The Time of the Violet Ray".



And how fortunate and no accident that Elders and Spiritual Teachers from the Ancient Indigenous traditions are sharing their Ancient Spiritual Wisdom and Teachings with us at this time. These Teachings are the reflection and recognition of the Universal Laws and the Divine within all humans. These laws are thought to be intrinsic, unchanging laws of our universe that ancient cultures have always intuitively known.

They are the acknowledgment of the spiritual kinship and respect that we all share beyond our physical traits and personalities, our ethnicities and cultures, with a spiritual understanding and deeper concept of this human journey of birth, life and death. It is bringing the sacred and a sense of reverance back into our lives. In going back and drawing from these Teachings, we have very pragmatic and doable tools for us to finally move forward at this time, to manifest our desired experience in every moment of our life - today and tomorrow.

This Ancient Wisdom will help you to connect to your Divine Feminine and your Self-Greatness to:

  • feel connected to your inner spirit and wisdom

  • have the confidence and self-assurance to speak and express yourself with confidence and authenticity

  • remember to draw from your highest and most loving self when making decisions in your life

  • feel more respected and supported within your world

  • have the ability to gracefully resolve and release conflict and find resolution within yourself and with others

  • be connected to the very best parts of yourself that you might have forgotten were there

  • have the tools to help you to put unresolved issues and negative emotional patterns from the past behind you, and be totally in the present moment and excited about the future

  • experience peace, harmony and joy in all your relationships, starting with yourself

  • have a moving meditation practice to experience and create body confidence, calmness, well being and joy within yourself

  • bring us into this New Time Era, celebrating and integrating this new awareness of transformation, wisdom, love and abundance into our every day life and the life of others

I am passionate about bringing these Ancient Teachings to women today because of how they helped me in my journey from experiencing negative conditioning and trauma early in my life that followed me into my early adulthood. It left me feeling alone, confused and in emotional pain, until I found these Teachings. They brought me back to my Divine Feminine and my Inner Spirit and to living my life in joy, gratitude and inner peace. They have become the foundation of every aspect of my life for the last 30+ years.

If you are looking for answers and this resonates with you, I would be happy to walk with you and help you on your journey, to Align Your Mind, Body & Spirit through Awakening Your Divine Feminine and find your way back to BEING THE BEST YOU, EVER!!!

I assist women in group settings through teaching in classes, trainings and retreats, facilitating circles, conducting ceremonies and in private individual mentoring sessions.

The next Women's Sacred Circles in September are in Greenville on Friday, September 16 and online on Zoom on Monday, September 19.

You can find out more at: and register at

Aloha Pomaika'i (Love & Blessings!)


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