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Your Voice is Your Source of Personal Power

Your Unique Vocal "Fingerprint" Projecting "You" Out to the World 

3 Steps to Own Your Authentic Voice &

Live Your Best Life...Ever!!!!

An Introductory Class

Tuesday, April 11     


What if You Could Live Your Best Life through Positivity, Encouragement and Appreciation for Yourself and Others? 

There is no other voice in the world like yours. Yet for many of us, our voice seems to always let us down in those moments when we need it the most – becoming small and weak, reflecting our fear and insecurity, rather then our strength and confidence. We also get lost in the conditioning of speaking from old conditioning and limiting thoughts with words of negativity to ourselves and others instead of with words of positivity and encouragement.


Own Your Authentic Voice and feel empowered and confident in yourself - no matter where you are in your life or with what is going on in the world around you - as a leader, teacher, team player, parent, member of the community and an authentic YOU.

When we open the door to the incredible power within us and express that out to the world, magic happens
-Kumu  Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry    

Kaleo Wheeler has created a unique System in helping women to embrace Their Voice as Their Source of Personal Power and be the Master Creator of their Life.   It is a blend of Ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Wisdom and Teachings with vocal and modern body/mind/spirit integration techniques.  It is a culmination of everything that she has experienced in the last 40 years, starting with what helped her in her spiritual journey to find healing from early emotional and physical trauma that followed her into her adulthood, and then bringing that to other women to help and guide them on their journey in finding their Inner Spirit and Greatness.  It is a rare opportunity because it is grounded in a very different and positive mindset, from the fault-finding society most of us have been brought up in.  Using doable and practical tools, you have the ability to Weave Your Lei of Life with Joy, Positivity, Acceptance, Confidence & Sacredness, bringing it into every moment for yourself and with everyone and everything in your world


The Spiritual Teachings come from Kumu Mahealani Kuamo'o Henry, a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and her family lineage, who has shared these teachings to help us in today's world, where it is so needed. These teachings embody an ancient positive system of living, called Aloha, using the original form of Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala, to Make Right More Right the Path, and the Laws of Manifestation and Attraction.    Both are grounded in the Universal Law and Truth of the Spiritual Kinship we all share to live a life of Joy and Positivity, no matter what is going on in the world around you.  It is simply to:

Bless the Present - Trust Yourself - Expect the Best

Kaleo is available in a 30-minute Free Awakening Session for a "talk story" to see how Own Your Authentic Voice can be of help to you.

Weave Your Lei of Life with Joy, Positivity,

Acceptance, Confidence and Sacredness 


"Kaleo is an incredible guide and a true inspiration to help women

awaken and embrace their Sacred Feminine

to gracefully live their best life through

these wonderful spiritual practices.

It has been life changing for me with a system that is

                   so doable and practical to work with."                                                                                     -  

Andrea Green

I hope you will choose to walk with me and allow me to

help you on your Spiritual Wellness Journey to

consciously manifest your life joyfully in every moment

for yourself and with everyone and everything in your world






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